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Imagine you are a professional athlete. You’ve got the biggest race of your career approaching. If you win, your name will be put on the map. Before you know it, you’ll have a Mo Farah-esque signature move and a deal with Gillette razors. You’ll be the new face of health and well-being. So how do you approach this opportunity? You prepare. You train every day, you eat the right diet, you mentally steel yourself for the task ahead. When the day comes, you don’t even flinch when the gun goes off. You’ve rehearsed this scenario a hundred times and prepared for every eventuality. You are primed for success.

When it comes to interviews, you need to be an industry athlete. Just as in the sporting world, it’s all about preparation, attitude and technique. Here are my Top 3 Training Tips:


Going to an interview shouldn’t be like going back to school. You need to conduct yourself so that you strike the right dynamic. Your interviewer isn’t your teacher, they’re a potential colleague. They’re just another sportsperson in the field. This means two things. Firstly, make sure you’re up to speed with the company. Gaps in your knowledge will be noticed, and they’ll damage your professionalism. Secondly, don’t be afraid to challenge your interviewer. Without being arrogant, asking difficult questions can show initiative and confidence. If you’ve done sufficient research, you should have been able to develop a few questions that aren’t just run of the mill.


In the run up to an interview, it’s always good to keep asking yourself probing on-topic questions. Give yourself micro-interviews on a daily basis. Eventually you’ll build up a pretty vast repertoire of answers to draw on in the actual interview. That way, you are less likely to get caught off guard. Remember: every athlete needs a warm-up and, in this analogy, you’re no different. That’s not to say everything will always go your way. There are some situations that no amount of mental stretching can prevent. If you do end up really missing the mark on a question, you need to take it in your stride. Be honest about it and admit your misjudgments to the interviewer. This will give you an opportunity to have another go. Recovery is important, on and off the track.


You need to have thought beyond the interview. Employers like ambition. They want to see that even if you win this race, you will continue to compete. You will continue to push yourself, break your own records. Envision yourself in the company, and formulate a strategy that will take the company to new highs. This doesn’t have to be at an Olympic scale, but it does have to demonstrate investment in the organisation. People buy people first, so make sure you are putting your best self on show.

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